Technical – Go Live Training

What is a Go Live?

A Go Live is the final step in the implementation process. It is synonymous with training. During the Go Live, we will review what is said in messages, setup when those messages go out, and show you how you receive your results from the previous day’s messages. If you would like to customize your messages, just ask and we can make changes. Once we complete our training, your account will be ready to send reminders or should I say, GO LIVE.

What do I need?

You need to be at a computer that has an internet connection and have a device, such as a personal cell phone, that can accept phone calls, text messages, or emails (Standard Rates apply). Additionally, to save time, you should know what you want to say in your messages and how you will want it said. For instance, decide how you want to identify your business. Are you “Dr Smith’s and Brown’s office?” Or are you “Smith & Brown Southwest Medical Clinic,” or just “Southwest Medical Clinic?” How do your clients know you? Do you want to offer the ability to get an address or directions? If so, are you on the Northwest Corner of Madison and 6th, right next to the McDonalds? Or should we take the Interstate to exit 34 and make a right? Another common message part would be asking for a co-pay or reminding patients to bring their insurance card and ID.  The customization of Inphonite makes it easy to say any of these things, and more. We encourage our customers to give this thought before their Go Live.

Why does this need to be scheduled for 2 hours?

We oftentimes need less than 2 hours. Remember: These messages represent your organization. We want to make sure we set everything up the way you want, so we will review things at least once to make sure it’s working just how you intend it to. 

How will I get the results of the calls? Do I have to log in and check the system daily?

We email a report with the final statuses of the calls. We send the report to you each morning in an encrypted folder ".zip" file as an attachment. The email will also contain a link to download the reports with your username and password.

I would like to hear my message?

During training, we will show you how to send yourself a test message and we will also send you a test of each of your messages after they are setup.

How do you know who to call and when?

Our software divides the data that is sent so that each of the patients only gets a call for their appointment. We will set rules for who to call and when. If there are special types of messages or specific times that clients need to be contacted based on client demographics, procedures, doctors, etc, we can accommodate that. If we can access that data, we can manipulate it to do what you want.

When do my calls go out?

Your calls will go out starting at a scheduled time of your choosing. We will discuss this and set it up during the Go Live when we review your rules within InphoniteVoice.

How many times do you call patients? Why do you try to call 3 times?

We try to call the client up to 3 times because we want to reach them. If we reach a live person or an answering machine on the first attempt, we will stop. Retries are only attempted if we call and we do not get an answer. We can adjust the retry count, however, this is not advised.

Do I have to use the robot voice?

You can use text to speech (TTS) or you may record your own voice. We do offer free voice recordings with Elite Support. If you would like to record your own messages, or want us to do it for you, let us know! However, there are some portions, such as the name, date, and time, which will always be done with text-to-speech.

What do I do daily in InphoniteVoice?

Once the software is configured, you may not ever need to sign in. In most cases, clients sign in to run a report. The system is designed to work with minimal input after we have configured it.

Can I make changes?

Our software is fully customizable. Because of the importance of PHI and the versatility of our system, we prefer to help you make the changes you need. With InphoniteVoice SaaS, our Support team is available 9:00AM to 6:00PM EST and general technical support is included with your service.

What if I change my EHR?

If you change your EHR, this will break InphoniteVoice. You will need technical support to connect to the new EHR to access the new location of your appointment data.

Thank you for your interest in InphoniteVoice.

For more information, visit: or contact: 800-350-7693