Technical – Client Uploader

What is the Inphonite Client Uploader?

The client uploader is a program that runs on your computer as a service. It sends your client’s contact and appointment information to Inphonite’s server so we can send customized notifications on your behalf.

Do I need to do anything with the uploader once it is installed?

No. The uploader runs as a service which means your computer will start the uploader automatically and run it without supervision.

Are there any prerequisites for using the uploader?

Yes. Our uploader needs .NET 4.6.1 to run. If you do not have .NET installed, no problem—the setup for the uploader will install this for you automatically. Following this install, you will need to restart.

Where can I get the uploader?

You can install the uploader by following this link:

Does it matter where we install the uploader? Can I install it on a front desk computer or a computer with multiple users?

We prefer to have the uploader installed on the computer or server where the contacts/appointments file is generated. The uploader will run its task regardless of who is logged into the computer, but we highly recommend the uploader is installed on a computer that is regularly powered on and does not have many users. If there are multiple users on your computer, it is best to run the uploader as a local administrator.

I cannot download/install the uploader what do I do?

The uploader is a program that will make changes to your computer. As with any time you are installing a program, only a user account with Administrator privileges can install this program. If your browser says “this page cannot be displayed,” you may need to add,, and to your trusted sites. If there are still connection issues, the sites mentioned should also have exceptions on the firewall and proxy server. If you have questions about Administrator privileges, trusted sites, firewalls, etc., your IT department should know exactly what to do to install the uploader.

I downloaded the uploader and it’s asking me to verify my username and password. What is my username and password?

When Inphonite connects with you to configure the uploader, your username and password will be set up, you will be shown steps to change your password, and we will make sure it is sending a file with appointments and contacts.

What do we do after the uploader is installed?

The uploader is just one of the first steps in the process. We will be scheduling a Go Live for your personalized training and at that time we will show you how to use InphoniteVoice for all of your messaging needs.

Thank you for your interest in InphoniteVoice.

For more information, visit: or contact: 800-350-7693