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Table of Contents

1 - Introduction
2 - More Information
3 - Applies To
4 - Support


1 - Introduction

Many issues you may encounter can be resolved or answered without the need to contact the Technical Support team. For this reason, there are a few suggestions we would like to offer you, that could help resolve many common issues.

2 - More Information

Before contacting the Technical Support team at Inphonite, you might try the following:

  • Restart the computer. Many issues pertaining to Inphonite Voice can be resolved by simply restarting the computer. This clears the memory cache and may resolve your issues with the program.
  • Delete temporary files. If any program hangs, or if the computer is shut down abnormally, bad temporary files can be created. The temporary files can then affect operation of other programs. It is good practice to clear all temporary files regularly, whether you have had such problems or not.
  • Make sure the phone line is active. If you are using Inphonite Voice, and you are having call-related problems, make sure that the phone line is active. One way to do this is to physically plug that phone line into an analog phone and see if you can make or receive calls.
  • Utilize alternative resources. Inphonite is dedicated to providing accurate and relevant information intended to place answers in your hands quickly. Some of these resources are:
    • User's Guide. If the problem is related to installation or configuration of the program, the User's Guide is a great resource. It is normally accessible through the Help menu, or through the Windows Start menu.
    • Inphonite Knowledgebase. You may use the Inphonite Knowledgebase to find answers to many questions and problems.
    • Inphonite Blog. In addition, we have posted many brief articles covering a variety of topics on our Blog.

Should you find that you need to contact the Technical Support department for assistance, please be sure of the following:

  • Have relevant information ready. In order to make sure we can assist you quickly, please be sure to have this information available so that we can quickly locate you in our database and open a case:
    • The official name of your office. This will allow us to open a case and begin assisting you quickly.
    • The version of the program. As there are various versions of the program available, the version you are running will help us to quickly determine the best route to take. The version can be found by going to Help > About within InphoniteVoice.

  • Make sure you have an internet connection. There are times that connecting to your computer via Microsoft LiveMeeting will allow us to assist you more effectively. An internet connection is necessary for this type of connection.

  • Go to the computer where the application is installed. If you can be at the computer on which our application is installed — or at least have access to it — our help will be much more effective.

It is our hope that you never need assistance with the application. But should you need assistance, we would like to empower you to resolve issues quickly. So we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the resources and suggestions above. If you are unable to completely resolve the issue using these resources, our highly trained technical staff are ready to assist you.

3 - Applies To

This applies to Inphonite Voice 2012 desktop and Inphonite Voice 7 desktop.

4 - Support

If you are unable to find answers to your questions, our Technical Support Department would be happy to help.

If you have an account with our Support Portal, please use the link below to open a support ticket. Otherwise, please email for assistance creating a Support Portal account.


All requests received between 9:00am and 6:00pm Eastern (6:00am and 3:00pm Pacific), Monday through Friday, will be responded to within one day. Our Technical Support team responds to requests in the order received. Requests from customers with Elite support will be placed at the head of the queue and attended to by the next available Support Technician.

For more tips and useful information, be sure to check out the Inphonite Blog, News, and YouTube.


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